Foundation App Guide for Windows Users

How to get Foundation Apps working on Windows

Git/NPM/Ruby/Foundation-App Guide – Get up and running

Hopefully, this will fix some headaches! It took me ages to figure out how to fix things and get it all running using many, many forums. Mainly for my own reference but might help others.


C:\Ruby22 (Better to install at C)
Tick “Add Ruby executables”
Tick “Associate files”



Extract to C:\devkit (Better to install at C, can be anywhere though)
Open “Start Command Prompt with Ruby”
cd C:\devkit (Change to the location where you extracted it)
From C:\devkit (Location where you extracted it)
ruby dk.rb init (Will create files)
ruby dk.rb review (See if ruby path is in .yml file. Example C:\Ruby22)
ruby dk.rb install

gem install json (Test if working and all is set up)


gem install eventmachine -v 1.0.4

Seemed to fix it. Plenty of help on Google if not. If there is anything else missing just install what is needed.



git clone appName
cd appName
npm install
bower install
npm start (Compile the Sass and assemble your Angular app)
npm start build (Builds without starting server)
This should auto open a localhost tab in your default browser.
If not, go to localhost:8080 in the browser
Changes in the Client folder will start the gulp task and put files in the build folder
If files are missing change the gulpfile to add them.

Many other settings are in here.