A Simple Git Guide for Windows Users

A list of commands that will help you develop

Hopefully, this will fix some headaches! It took me ages to figure out how to fix things and get it all running using many, many forums. Mainly for my own reference but might help others.

Basic CMD

  1. cd .. (Up dir)
  2. ls (From git bash) or dir (From CMD/Windows) (List files in dir)
  3. cd Users (Change to dir)

Git Shell & CMD

  1. git clone (Copies a git from a link eg. http://github.com/username/project)
  2. git status (Difference between GitHub and you)
  3. git add (Adds new files/changes by file name into repo commit. git add index.html)
  4. git add . (Adds all files)
  5. git add -A (Adds all files)
  6. git commit (Locked in. Ready to be uploaded. Use: git commit -m "a message of changes)
  7. git push (Take all committed files and uploads/pushes to github.com)
  8. git pull (Pulls latest git commit)
    • git (List all commands)

Simple Workflow

  1. “start”
  2. git pull
  3. “make changes”
  4. git add index.html or git add -A (adds all)
  5. git commit -m "message for commit" (a file or all files)
  6. git push

Merge Conflict

  1. Manually merge conflict lines at helper lines
  2. git add -A
  3. git commit

Stuck in cmd after commit or during one


  1. git pull (latest files)
  2. git branch (shows master + other branches)
  3. git branch name-of-branch (copies MASTER)
  4. git checkout name-of-branch (changes to branch. Not going to mess with Master.)
  5. git add -A (or) git add filename.html (add edited files)
  6. git branch (branch selection)
  7. git checkout master (back to master)
  8. git pull (check to see if anyone else has updated master)
  9. git checkout name-of-branch
  10. git merge master (merges to master branch)
    • On GitHub submit it as pull request
    • Enables comments, can add commits if needed before merged code changes.


Tab manipulation

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