Choosing Jekyll over WordPress

The reason for the change to Jekyll

I use WordPress all the time and its brilliant for what it offers and what its capable of. Over the last couple of years with my personal site I have, gone though at least 5+ re-installations and many more redesigns. Must of these were unnecessary but the designer in me wanted to keep changing stuff over and over again.

This is why I chose Jekyll.

Before I could not do anything with Front End tools but now I have got much further where I can move on to the next level. Plus Pixyll theme is beautiful.

Over 8 hours, I have this site with content up and running. It took a while for me to get to grips with different things like getting it to build without errors! I do find that a lot of these frameworks don’t help the newbies. I still have yet to get the new Foundation 6 to build. Will assign a free day to get that working!

I’m enjoying using Jekyll so far and using Markdown makes a huge change from HTML and the WordPress visual editor. Markdown Pad 2 is worth the money for Pro.

Using frontend build tools is useful and I’m looking forward to looking into more of it. Gulp, Bower and others.