Codecademy Pro Full Stack Challenge

The one month challenge with a Pro subscription

I have decided to create this challenge for myself so I can improve my skills in Web Development. Using Codecademy’s Pro content and Full Stack path. By the hours stated this will be 41 hours of content, for each project will give me a couple of nights for each one. Adding time to get things wrong, learning, searching things up and frustration will be … half of the total time (20hours). The Full Stack path includes in order:

To note: I will be skipping HTML/CSS for now because I know a lot already.

Challenge Outcome & New Years Resolution

Be confident in Frontend development and be able to use Backend technologies to a decent standard. Create what I like and know the possibilities of each technology. As well as lend a hand to others who want to get into coding.

Week 1 Start 10th

Javascript + Final Project

Week 2

jQuery + Final Project
Start AngularJS

Week 3

Finish AngularJS + Final Project
Start Ruby + Final Project

I have 10 days off for Christmas, so as well as being merry I plan this to be my main week where I get a lot done. (That’s the plan at least…I smell mince pies)

Week 4 (approx 7th of Jan)

Finish off Ruby sections or at least the first Ruby part.
Recap of what I learned, share my tests/site builds that I have done.
This is where I will do the HTML/CSS section so I can have 100% completion.
Write about my experience and if I would recommend Codecademy Pro/Free and hopefully be a lot more confident in development!
That’s my rough plan, things can pop up but it should work.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat please DM or tweet to me on my Twitter here.

First Nights Progress…

JavaScript Progress