Codecademy Pro Challenge Week 1/2 Update

Recapping on the last two weeks with Pro

After setting myself this challenge I had a look through all the content, quizzes and projects. Then I realised that Pro holds a lot more than I thought.

The JavaScript Final Project takes around 10 hours to complete.

What I have forgotten to mention before was that anyone can rush through these courses copy & pasting. I plan to really drill it into my head and make sure I understand as much as I humanly can by the end of it.

Even if it’s asking me to output “Hello, my name is Dan” with console.log I try to add the stuff I learned before. Such as, adding something as simple as a prompt so any name can be outputted (Simplified Example).

So JavaScript!

I was looking forward to having a go at this course. I have messed around with jQuery a lot before and taught myself a lot of concepts. In turn, would help me with the understanding of pure JavaScript.

Justin Bieber! I had some fun with the user responses on that section.

Unit Overview

My personal bottleneck was when I got to objects. Previously I knew the concepts/uses behind loops but objects were mostly new to me. That section I will have to revise a couple more times after this challenge.

The progression from each unit is very well thought out. You get a review of the section at the end In the next unit you sometimes get to use the previous code you’ve learned with the new code you’re learning.

Quizzes I plan to go back to them every so often to keep it in my mind what I learn.

One thing that bothers me is they have 1 set of questions that rearrange each time you use it. What might be nice to do is have a couple of different sets of people who like the challenge of a quiz.

Having 3 different levels for each quiz on every unit would be awesome!

I appreciate that code Pro is pretty new but it would be a nice feature to make an even better investment for Pro.

Week 2

Oops, I have completed jQuery a week ahead of schedule. (3 hours done Non-Pro)

I plan to finish off the JavaScript final project and some jQuery projects in this week.

But first I will get the HTML/CSS unit done. Plus the final project for HTML. This is because the jQuery final builds on top of the HTML project.

Then onto AngularJS and Ruby…my head hurts already!

Codecademy Pro | Free

With a Pro account, you get a chose to pick a path. This will create a new tab next to All Courses called “My Path” as shown in the image below. Then you can get a visual representation of how you’re doing and what is coming up next. You can argue that you could do that as a paper plan but it’s the convenience of having it.

Personally, it keeps me on track, whereas usually, I go from one course to another, completing odd bits (Yes I completed jQuery while doing JS but I got engrossed…).

As said about in the Quizzes section I think we need to see more of them and some other techniques/learning games. This will help people with different mindsets on learning and also some disabilities.

Challenge Idea

Have a timer where you have to see how many questions/puzzles at random you can answer within the time frame. This could be updated on a “High Score” board with sections for different countries and programming languages. Plus having it so you can mix and match the content and difficulties settings that will be in the challenge. If this path goes well I might even have a go doing it myself!

So, at this stage, I recommend Codecedemy Pro so far with what I have witnessed. I will keep reviewing it for my Week 2 update.

JavaScript Progress