Codecademy Pro Challenge Final

Week 2 & 3 update with final thoughts

Time-frame for my Codecademy challenge

I’d like to say that you can get the Full Stack course + projects with Codecademy done in a month. However, if you want it to stick then it might not be the best way to go about learning it all.

Personally, I like to make sure I remember most of it and if not all just enough so I can debug my syntax/lookup.

I bet someone would be able to complete everything in the Pro Full Stack Path. Including the final projects. Could you do it?

After #CodeMonth
Once I have completed the main lessons I plan to pay for another month to complete the projects.

It’s worth the money for me at $20(£13) Let us use PayPal though! Silly £1.25 card charge!

I will most likely keep paying if Codecademy adds more courses and quizzes/projects.

Learning New Stuff

Finally, I am beginning to understand the concepts I struggled with. I’m now starting to be confident in understanding what a script is doing.

The “Introduction to Objects 1 & 2” explains OPP (Object Oriented Programming) really well.

I recommend these sections to anyone who is confused about this advance part of JavaScript. It will help with understanding other languages.

One bit I enjoyed was creating the Animals with ClassNames and adding inheritance such as: Penguin.prototype = new Animal();. Along with learning about the “prototype chain” and how JS looks up inherited classes to find the property it needs.

Example of getting password from user input rather than doing as the lessons says!

// prompting the user for password...
var woo = prompt("Your password please:");
var myBalance = john.askTeller(woo);

Further Reading: A book (Online & Print) that I have been reading is Eloquent Javascript. It aims to explain programming concepts over teaching you the syntax.

A couple of nights I had and error while it sets up the workspace Opps! Please try again later. after a Goggle search, I found out it’s to do with Codecademy’s servers. Left it for a couple of hours and it was fine.

The AngularJS Course is a bit brief but it’s quite a lot to get your head around. The projects look very interesting to do and they build up on previous projects in the course.

AngularJS 2 is soon to be released but I am looking into using React by Facebook as my preferred framework. Depends on how well AJS2 turns out!

Now that I am at the end of my challenge I plan to go through it again recapping parts. This will enable me to refresh syntax ready for when I start some little projects to put it all into practice.