Codecademy Pro Challenge Final

Week 2 & 3 update with final thoughts

Time-frame for my Codecademy challenge

I’d like to say that you can get the Full Stack course + projects with Codecademy done in a month. However, if you want it to stick then it might not be the best way to go about learning it all.

Personally, I like to make sure I remember most of it and if not all just enough so I can debug my syntax/lookup.

I bet someone would be able to complete everything in the Pro Full Stack Path. Including the final projects. Could you do it?

After #CodeMonth
Once I have completed the main lessons I plan to pay for another month to complete the projects.

It’s worth the money for me at $20(£13) Let us use PayPal though! Silly £1.25 card charge!

I will most likely keep paying if Codecademy adds more courses and quizzes/projects.

Learning New Stuff


Finally, I am beginning to understand the concepts I struggled with. I’m now starting to be confident in understanding what a script is doing.

The “Introduction to Objects 1 & 2” explains OPP (Object Oriented Programming) really well.

I recommend these sections to anyone who is confused about this advance part of JavaScript. It will help with understanding other languages.

One bit I enjoyed was creating the Animals with ClassNames and adding inheritance such as:Penguin.prototype = new Animal(); Along with learning about the “prototype chain” and how JS looks up inherited classes to find the property it needs.

Example of getting a password from user input rather than doing what the lessons instruct!

// prompting the user for password...
var woo = prompt("Your password please:");
var myBalance = john.askTeller(woo);

Further Reading: A book (Online & Print) that I have been reading is Eloquent Javascript. It aims to explain programming concepts over teaching you the syntax.


A couple of nights I had an error while it sets up the workspace Opps! Please try again later. after a Google search, I found out it’s to do with Codecademy’s servers. Left it for a couple of hours and it was fine.

The AngularJS Course is a bit brief but it’s quite a lot to get your head around. The projects look very interesting to do and they build upon previous projects in the course.

AngularJS 2 is soon to be released but I am looking into using React by Facebook as my preferred framework. Depends on how well AJS2 turns out!

Now that I am at the end of my challenge I plan to go through it again recapping parts. This will enable me to refresh syntax ready for when I start some little projects to put it all into practice.